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The CEO of Lime Rain Petrochemical FZ-LLC, Mr Reza Zoje, has lived in London, United Kingdom for over 40 years. In his 32 years of working in Real estate, construction, multi-storey car parking, finance and leisure sector, he has held CEO positions and ownership in his companies. Mr Zoje spends a great deal of time travelling overseas to the middle east seeking new business.

Over the years, we have made close contacts with key personnel in prominent positions in the Energy Sector of the Middle East, specialized in oil and gas, henceforth we strive to agree on some favourable pricing discounts across the board on various petroleum productions. Lime Rain Petrochemical is aiming to pave the way to ease petroleum transactions. Our best sellers are  Liquid Petroleum gas, Crude Oil, Methanol and Light cycle crude oil.

The company’s core business has been developed by establishing long-term relationships with producers and allocation holders, ensuring secure, continual supplies. Lime Rain Petrochemical aggressively seeks new partnerships and sources to supply the demands of its increasing number of clientele.

The company principally trades in bulk cargoes of petroleum products sourced directly to achieve its target markets. Energy products such as LPG & Crude Oil are the company’s main targeted products