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Aviation Jet Fuels

Lime Rain Petrochemical offering both Jet A1 & JP54 fuels, We cater to different markets or customers with diverse needs, including commercial airlines, private aviation, and military contracts.


Explore our diverse range of top-grade petrochemical products to fuel your businessʼs growth and development.


Offering both LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) broadens Lime Rain Petrochemical’s portfolio to include different types of fuels.

Our Core Values

Lime Rain Petrochemical provides a range of petroleum products, including:

  • EN590 10 ppm: Low-sulfur diesel suitable for modern engines.
  • D2: Standard diesel used in older engines or where emissions regulations are less strict.
  • D6: Residual fuel oil for marine and stationary diesel engines.
  • Mazut: Heavy fuel oil for industrial boilers, power plants, and heating.

These products cater to various industries, from transportation to manufacturing and power generation.


Lime Rain Petrochemical delivers top-notch service and quality products. Highly recommended!
Exceptional products and service! Lime Rain Petrochemical has been an invaluable partner for our business.
Lime Rain Petrochemical has consistently provided us with reliable and high-quality products. A top-notch company!

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